Loading Service

Treating the goods as ours has enhanced our reputation so far and forced us to serve the clients better. Delivering all the relocation services India in a most reliable way is our forte, and we take every possible step for that.

The task of loading is performed by us with care to offer security to clients. The devices like truck trailers, lift tables, freight, loading spouts, lifters etc come in full use to carry out the task of loading with professionalism and ease. Skilled labourers are put in to executer loading, and they do the same in a very professional manner. While relocation in India, we ensure than there comes no damage to goods, as the clients put their faith in us, and we respond them to match their needs. The goods are vigilantly placed in vehicles while packing and moving to stay them away from any harm. Our loading comprises safe heaping of packed cargo into the vehicle with the help of slides. This is done to defend the items against any damage and dents. Handling the consignment for relocation in India is not that easy, but we have made all such tasks look easy with our experience and expertise.

Unloading Service

The task of relocation in India starts and concludes through lots of services, and unloading features among them. The complete customer satisfaction is what we always try to achieve. Thus, all the services must be good enough to satisfy the clients to the fullest extent. Our job starts with packing and finally comes to unloading for the final settlement of materials in the clients’ home. Our job does not end by taking the packed and loaded goods to their destinations, but goes a step ahead in unloading them. Unloading services are also a challenge for us, and we finish them in a most efficient way. For good and best possible results, we even use the best possible tools and technologies. Conveyor docks, hydraulic elevators, tilt tables etc are just few of the tools we use while unloading your items while packing and moving in India.Ensuring safety remains our foremost concern, thus we use whatever can produce best possible results while offering relocation services in India. For safety and damage control, we make sure that the heavy items get unloaded first, and rest follows later on. We assure for reliable and effective unloading services while packing and moving in India.

Our foremost concern has forever been the safe delivery of goods and belongings of our clients while taking relocation services in India. Being specialists for packing and moving in India, we carry out the tasks like Handling, Packing and then Shifting of Household Goods with an ease.

While taking up residential relocation, we give concern and care to the goods with fragile nature. Equal and concrete measures are taken in every process from the initial stage to the final settlement of goods. With the help of our professional packing experts and modern and best available materials, we do packing of the goods as they are supposed to be for safer and reliable relocation in India.

We just make use of the Packing Materialss that have capacity to bear the delicacy and weight of the packed stuff. For safe, secure and reliable packing and moving in India, the materials like Thermocols, Cardboard sheets, Gunny bags, Plastic Bubble and big and small Cartons are uses. Skilled labours are employed for ideal and safe loading and unloading. For door to door and timely delivery, we comprise our own fleet of vehicles like Trucks, LCV’s etc for efficient and timely packing and moving to any part of India.

At present, we’re a leading packers and movers in India, and enjoy the reputation by offering a wide range of packing and moving services in India. The task of relocation is executed with the help of various modes of transportation. Air and road are the two modes we carry out our relocation in India with.

The safe and secure transportation of household goods, commercial / corporate goods, heavy materials and other items is done by us. We have gained expertise in transporting all sorts of materials in different parts of India. Without proper transportation, there is no proper relocation in India, but ours’ case is quite different than the rest players.

We have a brand that forces us to offer reliable, effective and timely packing and moving services in India. For road transportation of materials and goods, we have hired the services of containers, trailers, truck, tractors etc. These vehicles help us immensely in relocating items in India.

Remember your vehicle is not just your car, but a precious belonging that you want to keep safely and with care. So avail of Car Carrier services and be happy that you have made the perfect choice with Globe India Packers and Movers.

DHL Packer And Movers is the nation’s premier provider of car transport and shipping services. Our goal is to provide top class vehicle shipping services to our clients thus making us one of the largest and most respected providers of car shipping services in the country.

To achieve this goal we maintain a fleet of some customized Car Carriers and we handle movement of thousands of car shipping deals, satisfying customers, multi-national corporations and dealers with its efficient services, compatible prices and unmatched logistics solutions.

In pursuit towards excellence Globe India Packers and Movers now gives you an added advantage through its specially designed “Local Car Pick Up Carriers” which loads your vehicle right at your place onto an open trailer where it will stay till it arrives at the Hub/Ramp Point. Thus, ensures protection and safety of your vehicle from city traffic or road hazards.

Special carrier for Cars and Two Wheelers for Car and two wheelers ensure that there is not a single scratch on them at the end of the trip.

We are a leading packing and moving company in India, and always maintain the best possible services and quality while relocating people and their goods in India. High quality packing and handling material is utilized from our side to ensure the best and reliable packing and moving in India. Our using of the best Packing Materialss from certified vendors has made us a name to be proud of. We use the Packing Materialss like…

CartonBoxes We exploit carton boxes of wide-ranging sizes for diverse usages. Besides the use of 5-ply and7-ply carton boxes, our vast range also includes customized monitor boxes, big boxes for kitchen utensils, TV boxes and others.

CustomisedHardplasticBoxes We make full use of Customised Hard plastic Boxes Maximum for security, Maximum durability for crockery, glassware and other breakable.

Wooden Crates

Glasses, electronic goods, crockery etc are packed with our wooden crates, and we prepare such crates after the measurement of the goods.

Corrugated Rolls

We utilize 5 ply and 7 ply Corrugated sheets to pack furniture, and other shapeless material.

Foam sheet

1mm to 4mm Foam sheet is utilized for packing soft wood furniture, sofas, electronic items, artefacts, wood miniatures etc.

Bubble sheet

Various corporate houses, IT firms, big and small business units and institutions avail our corporate relocation service. We have the expertise to provide the clients with quick and secure corporate relocation in India by the help of modern technology and ideas. Good quality materials are always utilized from our side to carry out the task of packing while relocating corporate firms and offices in India.

The items like computers, documents, files, furniture are treated with tremendous care and packed only with high-quality materials. Metal boxes, wooden plywood boxes, plastic drums are few of the materials we use while taking up corporate relocation in India. All the office-related items get loaded and unloaded in the safest possible mode.

Conveyor dock, tilt tables, trailers, hydraulic elevators etc are utilized by us for loading and unloading of office materials while packing and moving in India. The job of relocating or shifting the entire office is not that easy, but we ensure professionalism and reliability while doing the same.


Warehousing does play a major part in relocation in India, as it assures the clients safety of their goods and products. For offering to-class packing and moving in India, we have a fine set-up of warehousing facilities across India. All our branches in India comprise warehousing facilities to ensure safety of goods during transit.

Goods of any nature, like fragile, heavy metals or edible ones are preserved to ultimately relocate to any part of India with an ease. House Hold Goods, Furniture, Industrial Goods etc are kept with an ease to safety relocate in India. Our warehousing services are of high-standard and assure full security and safety to any kind of products.

With modern security systems in place and ample space for storage, our warehousing facilities for relocation in India promise reliability above everything. The clients feel a sense of security with us, and easily put their faith for prompt and effective packing and moving in India.

All our warehouses at different locations in India are waterproof with facilities and conditions to keep your belongings and goods in best condition. With the subtle understanding of our client’s anxiety for secure storage and safe warehousing, we do maintain everything possible through the warehousing facilities to offer the best relocation services in India.

FRAGILE PRODUCT WAREHOUSE SERVICES We maintain spacious warehouses in different parts of India to store all types of goods. No matter what the nature of goods is our warehousing for efficient packing and moving in India ensure comfort and reliability for clients. The products of fragile nature like glass items, furniture and other delicate stuff get absolute care from our side while relocating you in India.

The finely-packed fragile products are kept with proper care and maintenance in the warehouses for safer relocation. With the services of warehousing experts, we execute the task of warehousing of materials of any nature with an ease and professionalism. The highly fragile products are give treatment to remain intact even after loading and unloading.

The services of expert are availed to professionally treat fragile product in fragile product warehouse. Our foremost concern has forever been to provide the best packing and moving in India, and the fragile product warehousing supports our cause of relocation in India in a fine way.

As a reputed and customer friendly company, we also take complete responsibility of the dispatch of your belongings from delicate items of glassware to the heaviest machinery, as we do insurance of all the items that are being relocated. We value our customers and therefore provided this value added goods insurance services. Our prime concern is that any damage to your items due to natural calamity or accidental occurrence should not bother you. On behalf of our customers we undertake insurance documentation to save the client’s valuable time and money. We also provide assistance to our customers in valuation. We opt for this in order to strengthen our client belief in our integrity. To protect our clients’ goods during the move, we make sure that all your products are insured.

DHL Packer And Movers help to eliminate your stress by providing you with the appropriate insurance for your household goods. Our packing moving insurance services options protect your goods for a single item damage or loss or for a catastrophe occurrence. At the time of packing, moving or transportation, if your things or article will thrash or damaged then our company will pay the certain sum of insurance to the client. Now you can concentrate on your moving needs knowing that your goods are safe, secure and insured.